SW International’s cultural tour unveiled splendid opportunities in Spain

16 November 2023

SW International’s cultural tour unveiled splendid opportunities in Spain

SW International Chairman Mr. Zhang Ke and Board Member Mr. Ye Shaoxun embarked on a cultural visit to Spain recently and discovered a wealth of business opportunities in the region. The visit aimed to further the Belt and Road Initiative efforts and promote Sino-Spanish relationships.

The SW International delegation engaged in a series of high-level meetings, visits and networking events throughout Spain.

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Ye visited the Economic and Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, had an in-depth dialogue with Counsellor Chang Hexi to promote cross-cultural business exchanges and identify synergies to drive growth for related stakeholders.

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Ye also had a productive meeting with Mr. Santiago Navarro de Andrés, CEO of Portfolio Stock Exchange, and discussed collaboration to facilitate realisation of economic opportunities for Asian companies and investors in the Spanish market. It was followed by a meeting with Mr. Francisco Soler, Senior Customer Manager, and Mr. Luciano Menéndez, Head of China Desk of Bankinter, to discuss plans for providing financial services and promoting bilateral investments between China and Spain.

Additionally, the SW International delegation visited the Madrid Stock Exchange and met Mr. Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, General Manager of BME Growth. Both parties discussed opportunities for providing diversified services for international listed companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The tour also brought about positive exchanges with leaders in various industry sectors, such as Mr. José Damian Bogas, CEO of Endesa (electric utility sector) and other leaders in the energy, technology, financial, construction, insurance, automotive, aviation and hospitality sectors.

SW International is committed to facilitating the successful realisation of set objectives by international and local enterprises in Spain as well as along the Belt and Road routes.