SW International Partners Conference 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia

27 May 2023

SW International Partners Conference 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia

SW International held its International Partners Conference 2023, hosted by SW Indonesia, in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 23 to 25 May 2023. The conference brought together over 130 SW partners across the world.

This year's theme, "Sustainable Quality Growth in a Challenging World", aimed to provide delegates with opportunities to understand the changes taking place in the global market, and identify new opportunities globally through improved collaboration and communication among member firms.

Mr. Michell Suharli, CEO of SW Indonesia, expressed his warm welcome to all the partners who participated in the conference and highlighted the growth potential for SW Indonesia. "We are honored to host this year's International Partners Conference in Jakarta and provide our Partners with one of the most thrilling experience to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia. This conference created a platform for us to shed light on varied topics including global network, geopolitical future and digital innovation. Formulating a strategic response is essential for a successful global network. We take pride on maximizing our capacity and offering a complete range of services. As we stress on collaboration within our expanding network and catalyst for accelerating transnational success, SW Indonesia works closely with all global partners to leverage our knowledge and expertise to create value for clients and make contribution to the network.”

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of SW International, said, "Despite three years of the COVID pandemic, SW International has continued to evolve. Our network is increasingly recognized as a strong and well-managed organization with positive growth prospects. As we navigate through the changes, developments and trends in the international accounting industry, we remain our commitment to strengthen multi-disciplinary capabilities through diversifying services and enhancing international collaboration. In the next two years, we target to increase the number of member firms considerably and empower our member firms to improve quality and management, especially under the technological wave. Together, we are expanding growing influence in the world and creating a stronger professional services brand, which is built upon our connected dream and spirit of cooperation.”

Mr. Marco Carlei, Managing Director of SW International, added, "At SW International, we focus on key strategic initiatives to build a strong and diverse global network of member firms. We are keen to welcome new member firms that align our goals and purpose, demonstrating strong leadership, a clear and effective strategy, a significant scale of operations and resources, global capabilities and a deep cultural understanding in the local market. This conference has brought up an excellent opportunity and vision for all of us to further discuss international referrals and secondment, strategic support and business development, allowing us to further achieve a higher global market presence for SW.”

The conference featured other prominent guest speakers who offered insights and advice on critical issues and development trends.

General (Ret) Moeldoko, Ph.D, Presidential Chief of Staff, previously serving as Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces delivering a presentation on geopolitical future

Prof. Dr. Ir. Richardus Eko Indrajit, M.Sc., M.B.A., M.Phil., M.A., Rector Universitas Pradita and expert in Information Technology, Digital Innovation and Informatics Research delivering a presentation on digital innovation – macro view

Mr. Bing Li, Head of Asia Pacific of Bloomberg delivering a presentation on future economic outlook

4 new member firms, including Chile, Turkey, Saudi Arabic and Spain gave an introduction about their firms and deliberated on the strengths and opportunities of the regional markets.

The conference program included panel discussions and breakout sessions on specific topics such as future services across ESG, technologies and wealth management, international collaboration and referrals, audit quality control policy, taxation for multinational companies, consulting services, management strategies, etc.

This conference was designed to further strengthen relationships among member firms and develop the future through sustainability, quality, innovation and collaboration. Overall, the SW International Partners Conference 2023 was a resounding success, enabling our partners to come together to develop strategies to navigate the ever-changing global market.