SW expands its global footprint in South America with 2 new associate firms

10 June 2022

SW is pleased to announce the addition of 2 associate firms in Chile, namely BLTA and Eluchans Abogados, to drive growth and enhance service offerings in South America.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of SW International, said, "As an emerging global accounting network with distinctive and dynamic vision, SW International has been committed to partnering with suitable and distinguished partners in South America to help expand the business of our clients. Both BLTA and Eluchans Abogados have teams of dedicated and experienced professionals as well as far-sighted management team with clear strategic blueprint, being well aligned with SW’s vision for delivering quality services. We are truly happy to have two robust and outstanding professional firms to join our global network, establishing an important bridge for SW to connect with the clients in the South American market.”

Mr. Mauricio Benitez, International Partner of BLTA, said, "We are thrilled to represent the network in Chile and this move would empower us to integrate resources and further grow our business in the long run. We have a proven track record of serving Chinese enterprises in the South American market. We firmly believe that joining SW International can allow us to better explore a wide variety of transnational opportunities and provide clients with quality and sound professional services through our close collaborations among member firms within the network.”

Mr. Edmundo Eluchans, Former Speaker of the Chilean House of Representatives and Senior Partner of Eluchans Abogados, together with Partner Mr. Guillermo Malatrassi, and Mr. Tsz-Hsin Shen commented, "We’re proud to be part of the SW network. Eluchans Abogados is well established in Chile with a long history of providing professional and high-quality legal services to local and international clients. Clients from Asia have been our key strategic focus for the development of our firm. As China continues to be one of the major drivers behind the global economic growth, we also strive to provide professional services for Asian clients who are looking to expand and grow in Chile. We look forward to creating more exciting opportunities in South America for clients all over the world.”

Mr. Roy Lo, Board Member of SW International and Managing Partner of SW Hong Kong added, “Leveraging our growing local expertise and global knowledge, and through our close collaborations among member firms, SW will be focusing on delivering new and better experiences for our global clients, becoming more agile and reaching untapped markets to compete in a globally connected world. I am certain that having Chile representatives in our network would enable both parties to grow our business together and strengthen our position in South America.”

BLTA is a professional services firm based in Santiago, Chile, registered in the Registry of Companies of External Auditors of the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF). It provides a broad range of professional services, covering tax and legal consulting services, financial audit, internal audit, convergences to IFRS standard, risk management, business process outsourcing. Their teams of professionals are dedicated to serving clients with Chinese, English, German and Spanish backgrounds.

Eluchans Abogados has a long history that could be dated back to 1914. It is a Chilean law firm with extensive experience in a wide variety of industries spanning across infrastructure and real estate, mining and energy, manufacturing and processing, food and agricultural products, information technology, financial industry, non-profit organizations. It specializes in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and liquidation, foreign investment and international trade, labor law, government qualification applications, banking and finance law, and consumer protection.