SW Chile’s recent visit to China brought fruitful returns

02 November 2023

SW Chile’s recent visit to China brought fruitful returns

Mr. Mauricio Benitez, Managing Partner of SW Chile and a key member of the Chilean delegation led by President Gabriel Boric, visited Beijing and other major China cities recently, marking a significant step in SW International connecting with the Latin America region. The Chilean delegation participated in the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing from 17 – 18 October, 2023, enabling SW Chile deepened connections between Chile and China.


During his visit, Mr. Mauricio Benitez met with SW China's leadership team, including Chairman Mr. Zhang Ke and Vice President Mr. Tan Xiaoqing. The discussions centered on the challenges faced by the SW International network's global development and the support for Chinese enterprises in local markets.

Mr. Zhang highlighted SW Chile's strategic significance as a key member firm in the region, with the Belt and Road initiative extending to 19 countries in Latin America. Chile’s geographical location and its economic resources present immense opportunities for companies looking to operate in the market, and the SW network expressed a commitment to offering a broad range of fully integrated professional services to clients across Latin America.

The visit provided an opportunity to explore new avenues of cross-border collaboration and enhance co-operation across the SW International network. It concluded with fruitful discussions on the development of SW Chile and the expansion of the SW International network in the Latin American region.