Strengthening German-Sino bond: SW Germany delegation visited China

25 October 2023

Strengthening German-Sino bond: SW Germany delegation visited China

An enthusiastic SW Germany delegation, led by Managing Partner Mr. Matthias Schenkel, along with fellow Partners Mr. Thomas Tesche, Ms. Joyce Vergien and Mr. Zhang Xun, visited multiple cities in China, including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xuzhou, etc. to strengthen and promote cross-border relationships and collaborations.

During the trip, the SW Germany delegation visited the contemporary and well-designed SW China’s Shenzhen branch office and engaged in a highly productive discussion with China partners and staff, covering topics such as the operational scope for a multi-disciplinary team in China, SW’s unique strengths and cross-border capabilities, as well as the establishment of a dedicated Sino-German desk.

The meeting provided a platform for robust discussions on transnational business collaborations, allowing both parties to share successful experiences from past joint projects. The exchange of knowledge and ideas laid the foundation for strengthened relationships and deeper connections between the German and China firms, and opened doors to future business collaborative opportunities.

The SW Germany delegation was also invited to speak at a seminar on mergers and acquisitions in Germany for related clients.

The SW Germany delegation’s trip to China has solidified the bonds between the two firms and paved the way for exciting ventures on a global scale. As SW International continues to expand its network, we will continue to forge new paths and seize cross-border opportunities.