Member firms of SW network are known for their outstanding and high-quality services. We perform a rigorous process to select prospective new members based on the firm’s service capability, local reputation, strength and leadership, geographic presence and corporate values.

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Why become a SW firm?

By joining the SW International network, firms can enjoy many valuable benefits:

  • Develop as a global brand that is recognized for its well-quality professional services
  • Gain access to new multi-national business opportunities.
  • Enhance the competitiveness by offering a wider range of complex services and extensive service points
  • Inbound and outbound referral of engagements from other member firms worldwide.
  • Attract and retain talents through global mobility programme.

Application Mechanism

1. Initial phase

The prospect provides its firm profile.

2. Exploratory phase

SWI explores with the prospect its suitability for membership.

3. Substantive assessment phase

SWI performs substantive membership assessment and discussions with the prospect.

4. Decision phase

SWI Board determines the application result based on the substantive review.

5. Agreement phase

SWI signs membership agreement with prospect upon the acceptance of membership.

6. Orientation phase

SWI initiates orientation meetings or other follow-up work.

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